Tuesday, January 9, 2018

One Word

For my one word I chose Optimism. I chose this word because I don't really ever think about the good side of things and I can be pretty negative at times. I think I need to start being optimistic by trying to think of ways that the thing can be good or fun instead of thinking about all the bad things and how it could go wrong. That's why i'm going to try to stay optimistic this year!                                         

Friday, November 17, 2017

Iowa State OPPTAG Experience Reflection

My classes were both about veterinarians and what you do while your a vet student. During my first session we learned about how vets can't always see the problem that the animal is having and that it's like a puzzle to find the problem. We had to try to put a puzzle together without looking, we learned how to put stitches in an animal and we got to try it with string and these little foam squares. We also got to learn how to put a cast on a dog leg, they had a silicone mold that we got to practice on. During the second session we went to the anatomy room where we got to see all different kinds of animal skeletons and we saw where the lecture room was in the building. The most educational part of my day was during my first class because I got to learn how to actually put a cast on and put stitches in.
Something I learned about Iowa state was that there is a bell tower that's called a campanile that in the middle of the campus and at noon a music professor will get up there and play all kinds of songs.
 The most fun part of my day was lunch because we got to talk and have an all you can eat buffet.
If I could give one piece of advice on how to improve on the experience it would be to make the classes longer because they felt really short and I had a lot of fun in them.
My biggest takeaway from the trip was that I learned a lot and I had a lot of fun, also Iowa state has a beautiful campus!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Independet Project


I did my independent project on foster care. I chose this topic because I was watching this show on Netflix called The Fosters and it's about this girl and her brother that are in foster care and they just go through all this complicated stuff and it made me really start wondering about how foster care worked.

Some of the most fascinating things I learned are all of the requirements in your house that you have to have and another thing is how the children get matched with the foster parents, I thought that was interesting too.

I presented my learning in a google slides presentation. Something about my project that makes me proud is that I didn't put to much text on the slides this time and I tried to put more pictures.
Something I would improve on next time would be to add more pictures

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

DWA Quarter Post

My first DWA is from 9-28-17

          If I could chose one of my friends to be as talented as I would choose my cousins Scarlet or Ruby, because they are very, very good at swimming. They have set a lots of records and Ruby went to the Olympic Trials last summer when she was 16 but didn't make it to the Olympics sadly, but we think that both of them will go to the Trials again in 2020 and they might have a chance to make it. Ruby is now 17 and Will be going to Arizona State for swimming next year. Both of them are very good swimmers. 

My second DWA is from 9-20-17

       I would rather be the godmother from Cinderella because the fairy godmother just gets to go around and give every body their wishes, she turns pumpkins into carriages and turns mice into horses. I think it would make you feel good seeing how happy the person was when you gave them their wish. But also I think it would be nice to be Cinderella because she gets the pretty dress and that stuff and goes to the ball. She has to basically serve her step mom and step sisters. So after all I probably would rather be the godmother. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Words Of Wisdom Slideshow

Something I have learned from doing this project is that every body has a good outlook on life and that all words of wisdom have an important meaning to them.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Nauvoo Field Trip Reflection

My favorite part of the field trip was playing all the games they used to have, because there were a lot of games and they were really fun.
Something new I learned was how they made bricks, They had to make the mixture out of clay, sand, and a little bit of water. Than they put the mixture onto a mold and when they took it out they would have to let it dry for a very long time and they would have to turn it over every day for a long time. Then they put the bricks in a huge clamp and make a fire underneath it to try to get the rest of the water out.
Some thing I learned about why the mormons moved west was because they were being persecuted. The people around them thought they were different and didn't like the way the worshiped.
Something I would want to learn more about and research would be what the black smith did and what tools they used, because I thought the black smith in Nauvoo was very interesting and the things they made were cool. I had a lot of fun on the trip to Nauvoo.    

Friday, March 17, 2017

Moral Dilemma Literature Circles


A moral dilemma is where a character is trying to decide to do the right or wrong thing. Sometimes it's hard to know witch one is the right thing to do.

I think the moral dilemma in Wish Me Luck by James Heneghan is that Jamie has to go to Canada and he doesn't know if he should try to be friends with Bleeker because he is the only one on the boat he really knows or just continue fighting with him and letting him beat him up. Or another dilemma could be that his parents are making him go to Canada to get away from war but he doesn't know if he should obey his parents and do what they think is good for him or try to sneak off the boat. The dilemma was solved by Jamie doing what his parents thought was good for him and he became friends with Bleeker.

The moral dilemma for The False Prince was that Sage was Prince Jaron and he had been hiding his identity going by the name of Sage but he had to decide to tell people that he was Prince Jaron or he had to keep his cover by letting everybody think that Prince Jaron was dead so that His father, King Eckberg didn't have to call war on Avenia.

If i was in Jamie's shoes i would go on the boat because i would not want to be close to war at all and i would become friends with Bleeker so i would have someone that i know to talk to that lived the same place as me. If i was in Sage's shoes i would probably not stay as Sage i would want to live with my family but i would just stay in our house and not let anyone see me except for all of the servants and other people that lived in the house.